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Bridging the gap in Funding

Bridge Funding Global

Bridge Funding Global is a data-driven fundraising platform and investor community for top-performing emerging managers. The vision for the platform is to provide all resources to all under-represented GPs, optimize their fundraising process, and match them with actively deploying LPs. To date, our proprietary matching program resulted in over 48 commitments from our LP community.

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We are unique

What makes us unique?

We democratize access to capital, getting under-represented VCs funded. Our process is solely merit-based. We don’t look at where you went to school or where you worked before. What matters is your real track record; whether having relevant investment experience or operator experience in the field of the fund’s thesis.

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Our Impact

Numerous studies have shown minority VCs outperform, in addition to creating wealth for their Limited Partner investors, so there is NOT a TRADE-OFF investing in these funds. They also promote diversity in the VC world and are more prone to hire women. They help create more work opportunities for women in male dominated industries, especially tech. This will also help decrease the wage and generational wealth gaps (positive feedback cycle). That’s why the Bridge exists.

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Our Purpose

We strive to be the platform that bridges the gap in funding for women and under-represented VC fund managers and change the look of the room to include more diverse founders and investors.

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Our Vision

Build the world’s largest ecosystem for women and under-represented new venture fund managers.

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Our Values

What is important for us at The Bridge is authenticity, exclusive but Inclusive, fairness and empathy.

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Our Promise

We are a bridging platform with the ability to: 1) Create meaningful and personalized connections 2) Be data and growth centric 3) Keep a focused/directed/deliberate, unbiased and curated access to the community 4) Make an impact in the gender funding imbalance 5) Engage ecosystem partners to ensure the best solutions and support to emerging VC managers

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