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The Bridge is the world’s first platform designed to bridge the gender gap in the funding space by connecting Limited Partners to women General Partners.

Bridge Connect® provides LP/GP relationship building tools to optimize their fundraising process. Bridge provides very targeted yearly programming that puts a GP and an LP in the same room, under three main tracks: Learn Virtual and an in person workshops on fundraising optimization, led by LPs on topics such as pitch deck optimization, portfolio construction, due diligence, and more. Match Virtual and in person matching events with actively deploying LPs that are empowered by our matching algorithm that guarantee at least three meaningful connections. They happen every quarter on average though matching dinner, virtual matching and the Bridge Conference. Long term relationship building Almost all of our LPs want to meet when managers aren't raising. This is why we have just launched a GP/LP office hours tool. This is purely to get advice and feedback, not to pitch. We have over 30 LPs who are already taking part in this program, currently being onboarded.

Access to all Bridge events 2 day Flagship Annual Conference with a full GP day Bi-annual LP/GP virtual summit One of the 5 Matching dinners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York City Virtual Fundraising Optimization Workshops LP Matching* 3 Personalized LP/GP matching sessions in a Speed dating format during the Flagship Conference in San Francisco in May, and Virtual summit** Seating Based on matching at Fall matching dinners with rotation to optimize meaningful connections * All matching is done based on our proprietary matching technology that takes into consideration GP/LP preferences, existing relationships, thesis focus, fund size and more ** Each session, there’s a minimum of 3 LP meetings LP Insights & Feedback LP/GP office hour booking tool : book meetings directly with LPs on our platform to build relationships and get feedback Four Roundtables with LPs for Q&A and feedback during the annual conference Workshops on fundraising optimization, including pitch decks from an LP perspective, portfolio construction, and more

You will have a guaranteed spot at one GP/LP matching dinner. During your application, you'll be prompted to specify your preferred location for the dinner. We will strive to arrange the event in line with the most popular city choices. You may also opt to attend a second dinner, please note that this will incur an additional fee.

Your partner would be able to join us at the virtual events. For the in-person events, we only allow one person per fund in order to keep our events intimate, and have 1 LP : 1 GP ratio.

Once your application gets accepted, you will have access to the platform. You will be able to add a team member, and they will register for their account.

When your subscription becomes activated on April 1st, you will have access to your events dashboard where you will be able to register for events closest to your home city. If you want to attend an event in a different city, you will be able to request registration and it will be reviewed in a timely-manner by the Bridge team based on capacity.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer any scholarships. However, we are actively seeking sponsorship partners to support our programs and events. If you know of any potential sponsors, we would greatly appreciate any introductions. We believe that building strong relationships with sponsors will allow us to offer more opportunities to our members in the future.

If your fundraising target has decreased to below 10M since the time of your application, it is possible to pay the lower membership fee.

Bridge is a digital subscription with several SaaS components. This expense can either fall under your Tech tool stack Your business development budget Fundraising expenses (not the management company expenses). At least, that's what most of our GP members have told us. But please verify with your fund administrator or accountant (or your LPA).

Yes! We are happy to connect you with some of the GPs and LPs that have already benefited from the Bridge programming, just send us an email on team@bridgefundingglobal.com - also, you can see some testimonials on our website that include the full names and the fund names of the attendees.

Through its various programs, Bridge has provided support to a total of 88 funds. To date, there have been more than 47+ LP investments made through Bridge. Among these investments, 30 distinct funds have received funding, with checks ranging from $100,000 to over $3 million (exact number and amounts are unavailable as the commitments have been self-reported).

It could take from a few months up to a few years to get a commitment from a new LP. We’ve seen some LPs allocating to multiple GPs within 6 weeks after meeting them. We’ve also worked with LPs who need to know the manager for at least 3 years before presenting them to their Investment Committee. Many of the large LPs we work with prefer meeting the manager when the GP is NOT fundraising, in order to build a relationship and get to know them better, hence why we offer programming to serve that purpose as well.

We work with a lot of family offices, HNWI, foundations, endowments, MFOs. Some of the LPs have invested in many emerging managers and some are very new to this world but are very interested to build GP relationships.

The annual subscription fee is at $7,000 for funds up to $10 Million and $10,000 for funds exceeding $10 Million.

Your membership starts on September 1st. You will have access to the platform features starting September 1st, including Office Hours and event registration.

Flagship Conference San Francisco - May 8th & 9th, 2024 LP/GP Summer Virtual Summit - August 2024 Los Angeles Dinner - October 2nd, 2024 San Francisco Dinner - October 23rd, 2024 Austin Dinner - November 13th, 2024 New York Dinner - November 19th & 21st, 2024 LP/GP Winter Virtual Summit - February, 2025

Yes, once you sign the membership agreement, you will have the option to choose between two payment methods: paying annually, or through quarterly installments. As soon as you make the first installment payment, you will gain access to all the subscription perks.

There's considerable interest, even from investors without specific mandates, as they recognize the potential of top-performing emerging managers who often invest in underrepresented groups. The conversation extends to support for underrepresented communities as well.

We work closely with many LPS who are interested in impact investing. Some LPS are particularly interested in funds that address environmental concerns, especially in the climate industry. Others look for social and governance aspects, often tied to diversity. Impact is also gaining momentum among family offices, especially the next generation of investors, with a strong focus on sustainability. It's becoming a buzzword in the context of next-gen investors.

While the majority of our investors are U.S.-based, we are actively expanding globally. We've received numerous requests from international funds, and about 10% of our LPs are now international, including investors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 85-90% of our LPs are from the U.S. and Canada. Over the past year, we've attracted investors from Asia, primarily Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, making Asia our second-largest investor region.
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